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If you can"t sleep at night, what do you do usually and why?

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    If I can"t sleep at night, I would first read some books, it"s a good way to make me fall asleep. If I still don"t feel sleepy after reading books, then I would do some exercises, or play computer games for a while.

    1. Stop watching television or playing video games at least an hour before bedtime. Your mind needs time to adjust from the frenetic images and sounds of television to the calming influences of the bedroom. Reading a few chapters in a book, listening to soothing music or having a pleasant conversation are preferable to shifting suddenly from a high stimulus to dead silence.

    2. Try not to eat spicy or heavy foods just before going to sleep. Digestion of food slows down considerably while sleeping, but gases still form. Many people are awakened in the middle of the night by the effects of acid reflux or a bloated stomach. Time spent treating the problem medically is time spent not sleeping. Getting back to sleep after a bout of indigestion can be very difficult. Try taking an antacid medication before going to bed on a full stomach.

    Eating within two hours of bedtime is not a good habit in general. Substitute a late night snack for warm milk or decaffeinated tea.

    3. Listen to your body"s cycle, not necessarily the clock. Lying restless in bed as the hours tick away is no way to get meaningful sleep. If you aren"t tired at your prescribed bedtime, wait until you are definitely showing signs of sleepiness before getting into bed. Many people who work unusual hours or swing shifts find they get more meaningful sleep by taking shorter naps when tired. Others adjust their sleeping hours over time to eventually match an ideal schedule.

    4. Take sleep aids at the right time. Some people find it easier to get quality sleep after taking a drowsiness medication. The problem is that the pills must be taken at a certain time in order to be effective, generally an hour before bedtime. Taking sleeping pills right before bedtime can still result in a few hours of restlessness until the medication takes effect.



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